SecuredCloud and HIPAA

Security for Healthcare

Advanced encryption for data both at rest and in flight protects confidential information and supports FERPA, GLBA and HIPAA compliance

Healthcare technology

Healthcare technology leaders are faced with the daunting challenge of rapidly supporting new clinical initiatives, securely storing patient data, and integrating disparate systems all while managing an aging infrastructure, tight budgets, and a constantly evolving regulatory landscape. Does this sound like you? If so, given the complexities of building a HIPAA-compliant technology infrastructure, our guess is it doesn’t make sense to go it alone.

SecuredCloud HealthLOCK

With the SecuredCloud HealthLOCK Cloud Platform, you can rest easy. You don’t have to build, upgrade, and maintain your own platform, because the SecuredCloud Cloud Platform combines the most advanced cloud technology, information security, on-demand scalability, and performance with a robust offering of managed and professional services.

SecuredCloud has it covered

SecuredCloud has it covered. We deliver the only healthcare-exclusive cloud in the world. It’s 100% HIPAA-compliant, highly secure, supercharged, and flexible enough to tackle all of your challenges. We guarantee business agility, performance, scalability, and our customers see a 10% to 50% reduction in IT costs.


SecuredCloud offers the highest standards in security, compliance, and availability.


We eliminate barriers to provide secure, compliant, anytime, anywhere access to data. This enables quick deployment of population health, consumer patient engagement, and other big data initiatives.

Interoperability And Infrastructure

Our cloud-based infrastructure provides industry-leading interoperability, adheres to open standards, and delivers advanced data warehousing capabilities across the health data management lifecycle. In addition, infrastructure is world-class, so you can migrate to a managed outsourced infrastructure that eliminates heavy CAPEX investments and provides advanced security, high-availability, and significantly reduces management and support costs.